Project information in English

(Please note: The language of all our career courses, group meetings and Urasampo's other services is Finnish.)

The goal of the Urasampo project is to improve employment and networking and innovation among highly educated professionals. In addition to the unemployed, also those who are currently working or about to graduate and are fit in the target group, may take part in the project. The target group consists mainly of engineers either with or without a university level degree, Masters of Humanities, Masters of Economic Sciences and Bachelors of Business Administration.

The project itself is based on different forms of courses improving the target groups’ skills in job-seeking and networking. The courses take place both on the internet and as for example 3-week career coachings - consisting of Curriculum Vitae workshops, job interview coaching sessions, workshops introducing social media as a professional job-searching and skill marketing tool, communication and networking lectures, management orientated courses, courses on the well-being of the unemployed, and so forth. The most essential parts of the content are also broadcast to the target group living in the more remote areas in Northern Finland as webinars, internet-based group courses and such. The aim is to increase the professional skills and knowhow of the target group, as well as to make the participants skilled and effective in their job seeking.

The Urasampo project is run by PPOTTY, the support organization for independent employment of Northern Ostrobothnia in Finland. Trade unions work behind PPOTTY: Union of Professional Engineers in Finland (IL), Union of Academic Engineers and Architects (TEK), Union of Bachelors of Business (TRAL), The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates (Suomen Ekonomit), Akava Special Branches (AE), Trade Union of Education (OAJ), Union of Sales and Marketing Professionals (MMA), and Social Science Professionals (YKA). The project is in co-operation also with the city of Oulu and other Northern Finnish cities, as well as Oulu university, University of Lapland, several universities of applied sciences (Oamk, Lamk, Kamk, Centria), and other academies and learning institutes operating in Northern Finland. The main funding for the project comes from the European Social Fund (ESF).

The project is taking place in the area of Northern Ostrobothnia in Finland, starting on the 1st of February 2018 and ending on the 31st of December 2020. We are also interested in co-operation with other ESF projects as we see the sharing of ideas and practices between different projects utterly important.

Contact information:
Sami Lopakka
Project Manager